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August 30 2007


heart.... damn!

sleep deprivation is no problem (actually... it's quite fun). but sharp pains in the wrong body area are not that fun. 10hours of sleep.
needs more sport... and another try!


... why am i doing this? this makes no sense. i want to sleep!

August 29 2007

Plus it’s just plain weird. So naturally I want to try it.
Polyphasic Sleep

3 days into the experiment

oneup: sleeping 0.5hours works fine. including REM phase and all (basically since the second sleep cycle). unless you miss a sleep cycle, which screws up your next one.

angelol: sleeping almost nothing at all, but still awake. life-long club-mate overdose after-effects?
Angelo ist als Kind in einen Mate-Topf gefallen.
— oneup
Hm, warum ist dieses Geschäft denn heute zu? Achja, heute ist ja auch dunkel. Nagut, versuchen wir's in zwei Tagen wieder.
— angelo

Pragmatic Sleep Menu Bar Widget Version 2.0

O Hai! I made a new version of the Mac OS X Menu Bar widget. It now features an alarm clock that will automatically sound whenever it is time to wake up.
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Ich fühl mich gut, auch ohne Mate

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August 28 2007


things to do while wake #3

  • play dance dance revolution
  • watch all the movies you always wanted to watch
  • learn cooking
now it's getting weird. can't concentrate. don't know what i'm doing. i think i crash.
— oneup
Relaxation is as simple as gentle breathing.
Relaxation Techniques

a typical "day"...

... of getting used to 0.5h of sleep
00:30 - alarm rings
00:31 - "oh my god, this was such a bad idea, i want to continue sleeping"
00:32 - "but i just can't quit!"
00:33 - ok, up then!
00:40 - so confused and tired. what was it that i wanted to do?
00:41 - surf soup
01:30 - actually i feel quite fine
02:30 - yay, this is really cool. a weird, new state of mind. feels a bit like being drunk
03:00 - "ok, let's try to do something productive"
03:01 - well... no, we gotta sleep in 0.5h anyway
03:02 - surf soup
03:30 - yay, sweet sweet sleep. it never felt so comfortable to lie in a bed.

August 27 2007

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"on the other hand, polyphasic sleep typically requires adhering to a rigid schedule.." - das ist ja auch total geeignet fuer nerds
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YouTube - Uberman adaptation
das wachbleiben is ja überhaupt nicht schwierig. als geeks sind wir das eh schon gewohnt.
— angelo
Just missed the second sleep cycle. I still haven't slept. I feel terrible.
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breaking news!

we slept!
well... except angelo (but now he's tired *harhar*) and kewagi (too much caffeine).
this will end in tears.

things to do while wake #2

  • draw
  • throw away
  • read all the rss entries that piled up over weeks
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