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a typical "day"...

... of getting used to 0.5h of sleep
00:30 - alarm rings
00:31 - "oh my god, this was such a bad idea, i want to continue sleeping"
00:32 - "but i just can't quit!"
00:33 - ok, up then!
00:40 - so confused and tired. what was it that i wanted to do?
00:41 - surf soup
01:30 - actually i feel quite fine
02:30 - yay, this is really cool. a weird, new state of mind. feels a bit like being drunk
03:00 - "ok, let's try to do something productive"
03:01 - well... no, we gotta sleep in 0.5h anyway
03:02 - surf soup
03:30 - yay, sweet sweet sleep. it never felt so comfortable to lie in a bed.

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